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Wadden hiking

Wadden hiking will take you past some of the most magnificent places surrounding the Dutch Wadden area. However, this doesn’t mean that a hike over the actual mudflats cannot be part of your Wadden experience. Wadden hiking and mudflat hiking are perfectly combinable if you stay in the area for more than one day.

But what does mudflat hiking actually mean? Hiking across the mudflats means experiencing nature in a most profound way. The planetary attraction of the moon on the earth causes the rise and fall of the tide twice a day. During low tide, the water withdraws from the land. During the time span of 2,5 hours before- until an hour after low tide, you can walk over the mudflats of the Wadden Sea.

You will pass salt marshes, mud fields, sand banks, mussel beds and gullies. You can even walk to some of the islands. Mudflat hiking is exciting and extraordinary experience, but not completely without risk. Therefore, never walk without a guide or in the company of small children (< 1.2 m. in height) or dogs.

Did you know that:

  • mudflat hiking also happens across ice plains?
  • sometimes hiking trips across the ice are offered in the Wadden area?
  • mudflat hiking is possibly something that happened during every era?
  • that mud flat hiking as a tourist activity arose during the late fifties?


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