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Being a visitor in the landscape
The Wadden hiking routes lead through precious areas of nature and partly across private parcels of land. Please take into consideration that you are a visitor to the area and it's inhabitants. Please do not litter, leave the animals at peace and remeber to close any gates you open during your hike.


On a small number of trails, dogs are not allowed. If you wish to take your dog for awalk, please check the available routes in advance.


Please keep in mind that roads have to remain accessible for large agricultural machinery at all times. Do not park your car on the side of the road, but only in appropriate spots.


For farming trails, the rules on the entrance posts apply. A number of farming trails are closed during the breeding season (March 15th until June 15th).


For some trails, special rules apply. Underneath you wil find a number of these rules and regulations. If you encounter any of these irregularities during your hiking trip, please inform us, so that we can subsequently of these exceptions during hiking, tly inform other hikers.


  • During every second weekend in August, Borg Verhildersum near the village of Leens offers an historical day event. On these days, the estate can only be entered via the main entrance. It is very worth-while visiting the Borg on these days.
  • The routes over the terrain of the Dutch defense department (amongst them areas of the Lauwersmeer) are closed between sunset and sunrise the next day.

The route along the Westerwoldse Aa (north of Nieuweschans) from junction 80 to 51 is probably not accessible until 2015 because of reconstruction activities in this area.


Signage at Rensumaborg

The routes westward of Uithuizermeeden are marked along the terrain of the Rensumaborg. Signage on the domain itself is prohibited, but you can walk along the paths of the terrain.